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Courses available: -  

Please get in touch to discuss dates and times for when the Reiki training courses are being held.  

Reiki Level I - £200 

2 days covering a range of topics including: What is Reiki?, Reiki Principles, the history of Reiki, learning to feel energies, chakras and auras, kanji hand positions, preparing and carrying out a Reiki treatment, grounding and protecting energies, 4 sacred attunements and meditations.

Reiki Level II - £220 

2 days introducing the powerful Reiki Symbols to enhance the beautiful Reiki energy, developing intuition, becoming a Reiki practitioner, working closely with Auras, and the practice of distant healing. 4 Sacred attunements, meditations and full practical treatments.

Reiki Masters/Teachers - £435

3 days will be spent enhancing your spiritual self-development to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Reiki, how you can develop your daily practice and commitment to spiritual development, meditations and 4 sacred attunements. You will learn how to prepare a Reiki Teacher training course and help others.

Reiki Masters - £345 (2days)

Reiki Teachers - £145 (1 day)

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Courses: Welcome
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